Xiamen University Scholarship For African Students In China, 2013/2014!!!

The Xiamen University in China offers scholarships for doctoral, master’s and undergraduate candidates. The first-class scholarship for doctoral andmaster’s candidates will have their tuition fees covered (a maximum of 3 years for doctoral programmes, 2-3 years for master’s programmes). Meanwhile, the University provides monthly living allowance for outstanding doctoral and master’s candidates in accordance with the Chinese Government Scholarships (RMB 2,000 /month /person for doctoral students; RMB 1,700/month/person for master’s students). Bachelor’s candidates will not be provided with the first-class scholarship.

The second-class scholarship will have the awardees’ tuition fees covered(a maximum of 3 years for doctoral programmes , 2-3 years for master’s programmes ; 4-5 years for bachelor’s programmes).

Most undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programmes are taught in Chinese. However these courses are offered in English language and are eligible for the scholarship among other Chinese taught courses.
Undergraduate programme: Economics

Masters Programme: Chinese Philosophy, Civil and Commercial Law, International Relations, International Business, Marine Affairs, Chemical Engineering , Physical Chemistry (Electrochemistry), Finance (Applied Finance), Financial Engineering, Western Economics

Doctoral Programme: Archaeology & Museology, History of Specialized Field, Chinese Modern and Contemporary History, World History, Anthropology, Statistics, World Economy, International Trade, Energy Economics, Western Economics, Finance, Quantitative Economics, Statistics, Labor Economics, Regional Economics, International Law, Intellectual Property Law, English Language and Literature, Electromechanical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Radio Physics,Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, Basic Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Probability & Mathematical Statistics, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Chemistry and Physics of Polymers, Materials Physics and Chemistry, Physical Oceanography, Marine Biology, Marine Chemistry, Marine Physics, MarineGeology, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Marine Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Environmental Management, World Economy, Theory of Political Science, History of Specialized Field

*. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health.
*. Applicants for undergraduate studies must hold a high school diploma and be under the age of 25.
*. Applicants for master’s studies must hold a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 40.
*. Applicants for doctoral studies must hold a master’s degree and be under the age of 45.

The scholarship will cover full tuition fees and monthly living allowance for outstanding master’s or doctoral candidates

Bachelor’s degree students 4-5 years
Master’s degree students 2-3 years
Doctoral degree students 3 years

Xiamen University China

Applicants will be eligible for scholarship assessment only after they are admitted to the undergraduate, masters or doctoral programme of XiamenUniversity.
*. Applicants are required to make online application first, then download and print the Application Form for International Students generated after successful online application.
*. Applicants can fill out and print the Application Form for XMU Scholarship
*. Submission of application documents: Send by post the two application forms and other required application materials to the Admissions Office by April 30,2013.

Application starts from Feb. 1 to April 30, 2013 (annually)

SOURCE: Xiamen University China

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  1. Samuel bright says:

    Please highlight me about the schorlaship

  2. get back please

  3. sandra shimunyengu says:

    I am a undergraduate student from namibia with aims of becoming an accountant. Im hard working and committed and looking fo a scholarship.

  4. Emmanuel isaiah says:

    I really want to be a part of this programme. Please I need more info on how to apply for the undergraduate schorlarship

  5. Daniel G. willie says:

    I am Daniel G. Willie, I’m in Liberia and want to apply but the deadline set (April 30’13) has passed. What can I do now?

  6. Daniel G. willie says:

    Please help to apply for the Master’s Degree scholarship

  7. mesfin asefha says:

    i am graduate of BA on the field of political science and international relations in 2012/2013,please i need more information on how to apply for masters scholarship on my field.

  8. Chengeto J. Chitengu says:

    I would like to study BA in Civil Engineering starting 2014, right l am writing my “A” Level. Please assist me with more information on how to apply for Bachelors Degree. I am a girl aged 20 years.

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